Following on from the awesome Evac, we visited Woolley Edge October Screams near to Wakefield for two feature attractions – The Barn & The Pit.


The Barn

The Barn placed us in the fictional home of an inbred family, with scenes including the kitchen, bedroom and yard. The narrative and back story had clearly taken time and logic to think out and worked well throughout the attraction itself.

As we were given our introductory talk and safety brief, we were posed with a question along the lines of, do you think the family should be allowed to integrate with normal society?

Well, as we made our way through The Barn, it was certainly clear that the unusual, terrifying and at times hilarious family should be kept as far away from society as possible.

It’s evident that Primrose like to do things their own way as we found out from both Evac and October Screams!


Each scene, although part of a heras fence maze, was constructed with great creativity and resourcefulness. It was actually impossible to tell we were walking through a heras maze!

We also liked that The Barn had a number of open scenes and didn’t keep us in a typical corridor style maze like we were so used to experiencing.


The actors in The Barn were excellent and offered a level of interactivity that is rarely found in the UK scare industry. We were invited to play hopscotch with a few of the younger members of the family and then flung into the kitchen of the angry mother figure who was smashing plates in an unsettling rage.

A number of the younger actors will certainly have a bright future in the scare industry based on their performance in The Barn, well done to you all!


Scene after scene passed by as we entered the finale where we were frantically chased out of the barn by a crazed spade wielding maniac played by Psychotel’s Brett Jones who appeared in a superb cameo role. He really held his character well and scared us on numerous occasions (even queuing for The Pit).


Overall, we found The Barn to be a solid, unique and unsettling attraction. Although it doesn’t dazzle with expensive special effects and complex scenes, The Barn is still frightening, has an authentic feel about it and is definitely worth visiting!


The Pit

Similarly to Evac, we didn’t know what to expect from The Pit although the name gave us connotations of a dark, dingy and unpleasant mine shaft.

As we were waiting in line, we were advised The Pit inhabited relatives of The Barn who were more aggressive and less ready for society. We loved how the two attractions were linked which again shows the deep thought process of Primrose’s Lee & Sarah (the crafters of October Screams).

As we proceeded to enter The Pit we were told we would have to face it alone (individually), with a blindfold on and bag over our head. This came as quite a surprise, but one we actually relished.

Without giving away too much, The Pit really makes use of your remaining senses as you follow the guide rope into what can only be described as potentially one of the UK’s most intense attractions.

From start to finish, you are terrorised by a cast of deviant actors who toy with your guide rope and do everything possible to scare the life out of you.

From crawling to running, the intense experience allows your mind to run free and paint pictures of who and what surrounds you.

The subtle use of audio and silence in places really enhances the experience and builds an insane level of tension.

As soon as I exited The Pit, I was kind of glad it was all done with. My heart was racing and I was overwhelmed by what was a pure adrenaline kick of fear and unknown.

The Primrose team have produced an exceptionally frightening but simple attraction. An attraction that has to be experienced by adrenaline junkies and fear fans alike! Well done, we’d certainly give it 10/10 for creativity and 11/10 for intensity!

Overall, we had a thoroughly enjoyable night at October Screams and loved the combination of the two attractions. We’d really encourage anyone within a sensible proximity to go and visit in 2015 where I’m sure the team will have added even more fun & scares. With a little more work, we could possibly see this location expand into a fully fledged scream park! Well done team Primrose!