May doesn’t seem like the most obvious time of year to launch and run a UK scare attraction, however, this year, the industry will see a number of new attractions established which is great news for horror and scare attraction fans alike!


Teaser photo inside ‘The Facility’

The Facility, created by Twisted Attractions (the team that bought us The Morgue Live in 2013) will be launching the first weekend in May. Located Southside, Birmingham, The Facility is a fictional ‘Government Human Testing Facility’ where subjects have been exposed to the unstable ‘S.A.G:13’ gas. If ‘The Morgue Live’ is anything to go by, this new live action horror maze will surely be an unmissable experience for those adrenaline junkies after an extreme fix of horror.

From the 9th-16th May, ‘Caine, Who Am I?’ launches at the National Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield. For only £5 per ticket, guests are invited into a set of unknown untouched rooms and cells which have been previously closed after an unusual incident where a paranormal investigator collapsed after experiencing ‘feelings of pain, torment, panic but, most of all, power and pure evil’. The organisers behind the attraction would like to ‘invite you to come and visit these disused rooms and cells of the museum with our guides to see if you too can contact any spirits and find out what mysteries the old building holds and you may be lucky enough to find out just who… or what Caine is!’


Horror Camp Live!

On the 17th May and the 31st May, Horror Camp Live is back at Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Lancashire. ‘Horror Camp LIVE! is an overnight immersive experience, based in the fictional Campground Mass Acre. Over 13 hours, campers become part of an interactive living horror game. Inspired by movies like The Blair Witch Project, Cabin Fever and Friday the 13th, Horror Camp Live! is a unique scare entertainment experience which mixes live scareactors, indoor and outdoor scare attraction environments, dare based challenges and a horrifying story which comes to life in four dimensions of fun fear.’ So, if like us, you fancy something different for a night away, don’t miss Horror Camp Live this May!


Pyschotel Asylum

Psychotel: Asylum is set to continue the success of the 2013 attraction ‘Psychotel’. Running 23rd-25th May in Wrexham, the Psychotel team have ‘created an all-new nightmare’. Psychotel: Asylum, ‘a heart-pounding, extreme, 60 minute experience opening in May in the heart of Wrexham town center for brave souls aged 18+’. All guests must sign a waiver before entering and will also be given a safe word to end the experience early if it becomes too much for them.

There’s a lot to be scared about this May and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to visit all of these attractions!

Our reviews for the above attractions will be available to read on our ‘Reviews’ in the near future…

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