Having established a home for Scare Attractions in Birmingham, the Twisted Attractions team has teamed up with  Lower Drayton Farm in Staffordshire to create a truly spectacular Halloween event!

As well as the multiple live horror attraction you’ll find plenty of other things to keep you entertained, including a fun fair, live music and of course a wide range of different types of food and refreshments.

Don’t forget, during the day we are open with a much calmer show, SpookFest. specialised to keep the younger amongst us entertained too.(recommended to ages 14 and under)

Halloween Scream Nights

The full line up of Horror Attractions are as follows…


In 2014 a human testing facility was shut down after the government and military ran into trouble when test subjects failed the in humane processes and became unstable. These test subjects had escaped and became penned in to an area of waste land, in 2015.. Complete carnage was caused when the “secure” pound was broken into by members of the public protesting. These ex test subjects are now roaming loose upon fields and living around a scrap yard based in Staffordshire! Members of the public have eye witness evidence that these subjects have now mutilated into a “zombie” like state and have killed some local walkers and farm owners. The safest form of transport around the area is now trailer towed by a tractor. Everyone is told to remain in the vehicle at all times as a look out watches every movement of these “zombies” from the drivers cab. Would you take the harrowing journey just to cross this land?

House of Insomnia: The Revenge

Two years ago, work had ceased at this old farm house. It was set to become a museum but after workers had been frightened so much so they would never return, the house went back up for sale. Since then, 8 new families have moved in, yet have never moved out and have never been seen again either. Police have searched but nothing or no one has been found. Locals still believe that the urban legend of the Demurrer Twins is still very much real and wouldn’t dare step inside the house they call, Insomnia! Given the name because once home to the Demurrer family, Mr and Mrs Demurrer and their twin boys Michael and Murphy. Mr and Mrs Demurrer would apparently keep them up all hours working, starving them of sleep and causing the boys to turn slightly psychotic. Before they could take revenge, Mr and Mrs Demurrer passed leaving the boys to fend for themselves. They have never been seen out of the house yet locals say they hear screams coming from within the walls of the building and strange sounds coming from the backyard. Will you dare to enter the house that may still hold the answer for all these missing people? Can you find out if this really is just an urban legend or will you become just another number to add to the list that have entered but never left?!

Mrs Piggots Pie Shop

Famous for her fresh meat pies, Mrs Piggot invites you in for a tour of her shop and back of house where she lovingly prepares and cooks the pies. However, something has never seemed right for the locals and word has it, there’s no real meat in her pies, so, what just is in them pies? Only one way to find that out I suppose, be one of the very few allowed to ever see behind closed doors and see for yourselves.

The Priory Fields

In 1763 stood an old Priory upon the fields of where Lower Drayton Farm is now situated, for years the sisters of Lower Drayton Priory were treated to terrible torture and evil acts by the priests. These priests, practising satanic worship violently killed the sisters one by one and some buried alive! The sisters now haunt the corn fields to where the priory once sat, taking revenge on people who dare walk the grounds… Especially men!

Dr Hades Fear Theatre

Yes, the infamous theatre is coming with us to the farm so make sure you dont miss out! You’re here to watch a performance like no other you have seen before! Allow Dr Hades to welcome you to his world whilst he reminds you, the audience, about what fear actually is. Where it comes from, and how those working in our industry can use that to its full advantage! Be prepared for Strobe lighting, Sudden movement, Special FX, Smoke fx, Loud noises and you may even get a little wet! whilst you sit back and enjoy the show!

For Tickets please visit: https://www.twistedattractions.co.uk/attractions/halloween-scream-nights