Twisted Attractions, the team behind ‘The Morgue Live’ and ‘The Facility’ have announced two terrifying new attractions for Halloween 2014!

Located in Birmingham, the two new live action horror mazes ‘House of Insomnia’ and ‘Ward 78’ will be available from October 3rd. Find out more about each of the attractions below…

House Of Insomnia – They’re In The Walls… Live Action Horror Maze

The Demurrer Twins, Just An Urban Legend? Find out what lurks in the walls of the House of Insomnia. We’re told this maze will feature extreme content!

Ward 78 Extreme Live Action Horror Maze

Are you alone? Enter the abandoned hospital ward 78, on your own! A uniquely terrifying journey with only a candle to light your way! That’s right, you’ll be sent in alone or in pairs!

More information coming soon…