Located on Wrentham Street in Birmingham, just a 10 minute walk from the Bullring shopping centre, ‘The Facility Live Action Horror Maze’ promised to be an exciting prospect for both horror fans and adrenaline junkies alike.

Following on from the impressive ‘Morgue Live’ in 2013, ‘The Facility’ was the second chapter in the Twisted Attractions scare portfolio. With the ‘Morgue Live’ proving to be a huge success (minus a few teething problems), we had great expectations for ‘The Facility’.


First of all, the decision to launch ‘The Facility’ in May, a month not typically associated with scare attractions, posed a number of questions. Was this a sign of significant growth of the UK scare industry? Or was this a bold attempt by Twisted Attractions to establish themselves further following the success of The Morgue? The answer, probably a bit of both. Either way, it was great news for horror fans across the country. ‘Who said horror is just for Halloween!’

We visited just a week on from the VIP/Press launch event (which we unfortunately missed) and hoped this would provide us an opportunity to see what ‘The Facility’ was actually like in full flow. As we joined the queue, a small group were entering the attraction with a large group of 10 poised to enter when called upon. After around 10 minutes, we were intrigued to see two horrified teenage boys exiting the attraction from the doors in which they entered. The experience ultimately proved too much for them and this subsequently caused panic among the group of 10 who were waiting to enter. This panic along with the loud sound track playing to the queue line really created a tense atmosphere which added to the experience.

After the group of 10 had finally composed themselves and entered the attraction, we were called to the waiting area ready to enter. Shortly after, the doors of ‘The Facility’ opened and we were instructed to watch a short informative video where we were briefed about the ‘SAG 13’ gas and ‘The Facility’ in general, before being sent down an eerie corridor where the carnage really began.

After progressing through a multitude of rooms, corridors and scenes we eventually exited ‘The Facility’ after what seemed like an eternity!

Without giving too much away, the overall experience of ‘The Facility’ was one of suspense, terror and pure genius. The acting throughout was superb with a number of notable characters including the ‘mad scientist’ and the ‘doctor’ delivering the narrative excellently.

Unlike the initial visit we made to ‘The Morgue Live’ in 2013, the overall narrative of ‘The Facility‘ was concise, clear and had real purpose. It was delivered throughout the attraction excellently with creative and resourceful theming and also an advanced DMX lighting and FX setup to rival attractions with budgets ten times larger.

With a few really creative scenes and unexpected twists, Twisted Attractions have really pushed their capabilities of delivering a quality scare attraction.

There was a great level of interactivity throughout the experience which really immersed you into the SAG 13 experiment along with some humour to provide a welcome break from the intense scares and frights which were encountered along the way.

Unlike many scare attractions which simply provide scare after scare with a lack of narrative, interactivity and suspense, ‘The Facility’ excelled in providing a well rounded overall experience in which you actually felt part of the story.

The overall length of ‘The Facility‘ was another impressive feature to note with the £8.50 entry fee (had we paid it) providing real value for money.

To summarise, ‘The Facility’ really impressed us from start to finish. The Twisted Attractions duo have certainly took the experience they gained from ‘The Morgue Live’ in 2013 and produced an exciting, intense and terrifying attraction which they can be extremely proud of. The level of creativity, attention to detail and general intuition shown throughout ‘The Facility’ is second to none.

We would really encourage anyone in or around the Birmingham area in the next couple of weeks to take a visit to ‘The Facility’ and hopefully enjoy it as much as we did. It’s a stone’s throw away from The Bull Ring and really easy to find! Tickets are available online at http://www.twistedattractions.co.uk/home.html

Of course, we can’t wait to find out what Twisted Attractions will have in store for us this Halloween and as soon as we know, you’ll know so keep checking back for updates and details and please follow us on Facebook!