Couple terrified in shock encounter with the Black Eyed Child Ghost who returns to haunt local beauty spot Cannock Chase again!


Sightings were last reported late in 2014

After numerous sightings were reported last year, we can exclusively reveal details of a new gruesome encounter with the terrifying black eyed child. Witnesses have come forward with information of a sighting whilst dog walking at Birches Valley – Cannock Chase over the weekend.

The couple, in their early 30’s, were dog walking at the popular Birches Valley area of Cannock Chase at around 9.15am on Sunday morning when their Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Max suddenly became unsettled.


Birches Valley where the sighting happened

One of the witnesses told us: “One minute he was fine chasing after his ball, the next he began to act really strange. It became worrying for us when he stood near to a dark patch of woods and started barking ferociously as if someone was there.”

“After calling him repeatedly without any response we decided to go and see what he was barking at. As we approached the woods we could slowly start to make out the figure of a girl in-between the dense area of trees. Her eyes were completely blacked out exactly like the pictures that were in the papers last year. She was there for around 10 seconds just staring right at us before she vanished into the darkness. We turned and looked at each other in disbelief. It was horrifying!”

After retrieving Max, the couple hastily returned to their car still frightened from the experience.

“We were glad to get in the car and get out of there. It was surreal. Like something that would happen in a horror movie.”


Taken from Wikipedia – “Black-Eyed Children is an urban legend of supposed paranormal creatures that resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16, with pale white skin and black eyes”.

The latest sighting has caused a stir with paranormal investigators and ghost hunters who are keen to get to the bottom of the recent hauntings. Local groups are supposedly arranging an official ghost hunt in the coming months to allow curious members of the public and fellow paranormal enthusiasts the opportunity to hunt down the horrifying creature. Will you be brave enough to join them?

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