We returned to Screamfest Burton after last years successful event with high hopes. Located just a mere 13 miles from home, Screamfest presents a multi attraction scream park right on our doorstep!

Having collected our entry stamp and wristband we entered the park to be dazzled by the flashing lights of ‘Hill Billy Joe’s Zombee Smash’ a unique zombie paintbaill attraction that was excellently constructed. We were sure to have a go after visiting the 4 main scare attractions!


The main ‘courtyard’ area has been developed for 2014 with a large marquee linking the outside and inside seating areas to create a much better atmosphere and weatherproof place to enjoy the various food outlets on offer. Inside, we managed to watch the last few minutes of the live ‘duo’ who seemed to be keeping the audience entertained and horrified with various stunts and tricks.

The first attraction we decided to visit was the all new ‘Children of The Corn’ which generally we found to be great fun and fairly scary in places.7610_1567907400095450_1212580301903001184_n

Children of The Corn

After boarding the ‘school bus’ we were led to the entrance of the attraction by our ‘teachers’. A short walk then led us to a waiting area where we were placed in groups ready to be sent into the main part of the attraction. Children of The Corn is based on the fictional ‘Bel Lucifer Academy’. The school theme was replicated well throughout with an awesome soundtrack and well produced theming. Our only gripe with the attraction was the lack of narrative. We struggled to piece together each of the scenes, however, this didn’t significantly detract from the overall experience. Notable scenes included the ‘puppet’ and ‘spider’ scene which were pretty unique in their own right. Generally, Children of The Corn isn’t as intense as the other mazes on offer at Screamfest, however, it’s a great attraction to get you warmed up if you’re a scare maze novice!

After exiting Children of The Corn we found ourselves entering The Scarecrow Scare Zone which was an unexpected surprise!


Scarecrow Scare Zone

1000’s of Scarecrows were pieced together to create a small labrynth style maze which we struggled to find our way out from. There were actors dotted throughout who were camouflaged by the scarecrows which really added to the intensity. Overall, we loved the unique Scarecrow Scare Zone! A brilliant and unexpected attraction that is certainly worth a couple of visits!

Next up was ‘Slasher’.



Having visited ‘Slasher’ on two previous occasions, we were intrigued to find if any changes had been made for 2014 to spice things up.

‘Slasher’ features a superb facade that immediately grabs your attention as you wait to be led in.

As with previous years, we were greeted by a vicar who showed us to our seats in the viewing area for the fictional execution of the infamous ‘Slasher boy’.

The opening scene was impressive and intense as ever and set the tone for the rest of the attraction.

We turned through a number of corners and corridors and were set upon by numerous ‘inmates’ who shocked, surprised and terrified us. The actors were determined to scare each and everyone of us as we mazed our way towards the exit.

Slasher, without any notable changes, was still as good and unique as we’d remembered. The attention to detail in each and every scene was commendable and the actors were excellent.

Will we see it revamped in 2015? Who knows, but for now, it is still one of Screamfest’s feature attractions and one that had us jumping and screaming throughout!

Following up from Slasher, we decided to visit ‘N’.


N (Nocturnal)

‘N’ is an authentic scare attraction produced to an exceptionally high standard. As with Slasher, we visited N last year and had high hopes for 2014.

Based on a fictional vampire nightclub, N is an intense and frightening attraction that features a number of unique and well thought out scenes. The creative geniuses at Screamfest have really produced a winner with N which had our group terrified and on edge throughout. The overall concept is pulled off brilliantly thanks to some superb acting and set design.

Similarly to Slasher, the layout and narrative of N remained unchanged from 2013 but still made a great impact as we frantically escaped with our lives intact (only just).

N is one of those intense attractions we’d love to experience in a ‘face it alone’ or ‘extreme’ version. Obviously there would logistical and throughput issues to consider if Screamfest did look to offer such upsells, however, it would certainly push N as one of the UK’s most intense attractions!

Finally, we made our way around to ‘Soul Seekers’.

Soul Seekers

Soul Seekers, like all of the mazes at Screamfest, is produced to a standard you’d expect to see at some of the UK’s largest theme parks. The detailing and construction is sublime and the acting is great!

Soul Seekers Live is a fictional show (similar to Most Haunted) that invites you to help investigate the Helton Grand Hotel in a mass experiment to see if any paranormal events occur.

As our group were led into the main ball room, there were certainly a number of paranormal events occurring (or so we were led to believe).

With a number of screams as the ball room fell into complete darkness, our immersive experience began.

From here we weaved our way through the Helton Grand Hotel where we encountered a number of the supposedly massacred residents who well and truly scared us from start to finish.

The corridors were tight which added to the intensity as it was impossible to see what was lurking around the corner.

Generally, Soul Seekers was everything you come to expect from a scare attraction and more. A unique back story, excellent production and an overall terrifying and enjoyable experience! Well done Screamfest!

To conclude, Screamfest have added a great amount of overall value to their scream park with a number of subtle additions to the scare attraction lineup and general facilities. The attraction as a whole is a complete Halloween destination with a unique atmosphere helped with the addition of some brilliant roaming actors. The Zombie Paint Ball (additional cost) was super fun and well worth a couple of attempts! With more progression next year, Screamfest will certainly be one of the UK’s leading scream parks and one you can’t miss out on!

Make sure you visit the Screamfest website today and book your tickets for an unmissable night of immersive scare entertainment!

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