Screamfest Scream Park based at The National Forest Adventure Farm in Burton upon Trent, have announced two all new attractions to the lineup for 2015.


Night Bringer – New for 2015!

Join us to try and answer the ultimate question… Is there a life after death?
Demonology researchers and psychic mediums have been drawn to a site in Tatenhill where a white woman has been seen walking through the corn fields wailing with uncontrollable ferocity. These claims led to a ditch where the body of a woman has been buried. This woman is said to be the demon witch known as a Night Bringer who terrorised the local area in the 16th century. To investigate further, the Demonology Research Facility has established a temporary testing site that uses state of the art electronic static frequency to be able to create a gateway to another dimension. The dimension of the dead. Volunteer and be a part of history!


Freakout – New for 2015!

Roll up… Roll up! The Circus is back in town. For this Halloween our circus of freaks and creeps have set up the funhouse at Screamfest. Full of crazy clown antics, frightful freaks and terrorising terrors. Do not be afraid boys and girls in this funhouse labyrinth none of our clowns bite… Much! Come one and all to the Freakout Funhouse!



We should not fear the creatures that walk in the light
We should not fear the voices we hear in the day
We should fear the creatures that lurk in the shadows
We should fear the screams we hear in the night
We should remember the past and be ready for the awakening
Our monsters we lost to legend were not lost at all
They were only forgotten



Children of the Corn

A hellish journey into the nightmares of a terrifying childhood. Under cover of darkness our blood curdling school bus will drop you to a gigantic corn maze with nothing but the feeble light from your torch for comfort. And somewhere out there you will encounter your childhood nightmares becoming a reality.

A truly terrifying night time walk. As you are negotiating the twists and turns of the pathways, they will be watching and waiting for you!
Warning: Strobe lighting will be used in this scare.


Soul Seekers

It is that time of year again, the successful hit TV show Soul Seekers is hosting one of their Halloween specials. Soul Seekers Live at the Helton Grand! This year the show is investigating the famous Helton Grand Hotel that has been left abandoned since the 1930’s when all the residents were discovered dead and brutally massacred.

We want volunteers to come to the hotel and get involved in a mass experiment, The more people involved, the more likely we are to experience and document any evidence of ghost activity. Walk the hallways, investigate the ball room and the old abandoned rooms of the famous Helton Grand Hotel and see what paranormal events may occur.

Hillbilly Joe’s Zombie Paintball Shootout

Down on the Farm there’s a zombie invasion. We dare you and your friends to take them on, head on! We’ll arm you with paint ball guns and then it’s you versus the Zombies.

Extreme Sideshows

They are the daredevils of the performance world. Risking life and limb, they train their bodies and minds to undergo punishments that most people couldn’t bear.

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