Scream Fest Burton-Upon-Trent 2014 – New Scare Attraction!

Located in Tatenhill – Burton Upon Trent, Screamfest is back for 2014 with a brand new attraction ‘Children of The Corn’. Joining the previously terrifying ‘N’ ‘Soul Seekers’ and ‘Slasher’, Children of The Corn looks to be a direct replacement from last years ‘Field of Screams’.

Taken from the Scream Fest website:



A hellish journey into the nightmares of a terrifying childhood. Under cover of darness our blood curdling school bus will drop you to a gigantic corn maze with nothing but the feeble light from your torch for comfort. And somewhere out there you will encounter your childhood nightmares becoming a reality. 

A truly terrifying night time walk. As you are negotiating the twists and turns of the pathways, they will be watching and waiting for you!

Warning: Strobe lighting will be used in this scare.

Please visit the Scream Fest 2014 website to keep up to date with the latest news and tickets!

We can’t wait to visit this years Scream Fest, Can you?