Tulleys Farm, Turners Hill Road Turners Hill RH10 4PE Crawley


Tulleys Shocktober Fest 2018 unleash the Circus of Horrors, as Dr Haze and his army of freaks join the award winning entertainment line up at this years Shocktober Fest.
A group of urban explorers locate a decaying barn in the middle of the Sussex countryside. Upon discovering a door a mysterious sign is revealed reading “Audemus Autem”. Unveiling the meaning and speaking the words “we dare you” aloud unlocks the door and the devilish creatures which are trapped inside are unleashed into the modern world. They run riot across town terrorising everyone they meet with their horrifying acts and unsightly scenes.



Jump on a trailer and explore the abandoned Horrorwood Film Studios. Back in the Golden Age of cinema, the Horrorwood film studios were booming, full of glamour and intrigue and bursting with life. Now all old Horrorwood is bursting with is DEATH. After the terrible incident with the actor who played ‘The Woodsman’ the old studio was forced to close and all the movie sets and props remained abandoned. Lots of actors lost their jobs, and were never on screen again, but worst of all, they lost their fame and MINDS. Some believe that the old actors from all of those years ago still act out the scenes of their glory days on the old set, unable to move on in this life, or the next. Lights, camera action!


A demonic circus like no other, the band of freaks and showmen conceal their evil nature with sinisterly smeared on make up and colourful costumes. But your laughter will soon turn to screams as you realise their insidious intentions. Three dimensions of dark, twisted evil that spring at you with every step.

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Traumatic rituals create strong bonds between those who experience them together. Put on a hood and walk amongst the shades and shadows, your senses challenged, your eyesight taken, your head shrouded
with only a rope for guidance. In an all new story, the Ritual will take you on the darkest path yet.


The curse of Alice Hemlock is one told by few. A damned soul drowned and buried for witchcraft, her 12 sisters vowed to avenge her unjust death. It’s said they sold their soles so her evil spirit could return to them and in doing so cursed the land. The coven of twelve has often been the darkest, but when joined by their thirteenth sister they are unstoppable.

THE COLONY DYSTOPIA – Extended for 2018

Those who can survive the end of the world are the end of humanity. Kindness, compassion and charity are no longer. These are souls of violence, malevolence and war. Survival of the fittest was never more apt but now a new threat has wracked The Colony. As the world shook with debris and dark matter, the tectonic plates moved to create great gashes in the earth. A toxic gas from deep in the earth’s core escaped into the atmosphere. Now everyone’s days are numbered. But what will get you first? The poisonous air or the deadly inhabitants of The Colony?


Billy-Bob, Billy-Joe and Billy-Ray may seem like three innocent brothers trying to run a family business, but they have a disturbing dark secret. Don’t let them fool you, those chainsaws aren’t just for chopping car parts. Once you go scrap, you never go back. Ever.

THE CELLAR UNCHAINED – Extended for 2018

The Cellar has long been a place where things are kept and forgotten. Lost things in the darkness scavenging to survive. But those that dwell in the Cellar have not been forgotten, they have been purposefully locked in. Imprisoned. Incarcerated. An experiment. What once was human is now a feral and malnourished murder of scavengers. Live These ‘Creatures’ have ransacked their ‘comfortable’
surroundings and turned it into a deadly game of cat and mouse. So when their captor releases the ‘live food’ into The Cellar they are the cat and YOU are the mouse.


Throughout the years, the cottage has seen a lot of comings and goings and some say many of its previous inhabitants have stuck around, unable to pass over. That doesn’t mean to say the long standing tenants aren’t friendly. They believe in a traditional welcome and will show you all around – even the winding corridors where the lights don’t work and the rooms where the floor boards have been eaten away by creepy crawlies. Shocks and scares to bemuse and bewilder you. Once you get in, will they let you backout?


The world famous Dr Haze and his army of freaks have arrived at Shocktober Fest and will be taking you deep into the heart of the Asylum where the most deadly dangerous & greatest Circus of Horrors
performers from out inglorious past are detained inside the confines of the notorious Psycho Ward. A truly horrifying l20 minute live show you’ll never forget.

+ Award winning street theatre, exhilarating fairground rides, two live music stages,


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