Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker CM15 0LA Brentwood

Last Survivors Brentwood

The Last Survivors: Outpost 16 will throw you headfirst into a real life zombie movie/video game set in a Nuclear Fallout bunker. Once you drive through our front gates, be prepared; this is one zombie survival event you won’t forget! You will enter the grounds after receiving our distress call. You are a group of survivors, soldiers and fighters sent to help Outpost 16, the main research facility of the C.I.D.C. We believe the facility was overrun with infected and the doors were sealed. The distress message was unclear and was
cut off abruptly, but something is wrong, terribly wrong. Geared up and trained with tactical airsoft weapons, you will need to work as a team while you run, shoot and fight your way into the depths of the bunker to discover what horrors happened there. Ammo will be limited, but there will be opportunities to get extra bullets, if you are brave enough. On location for over 2 hours, your team will need to find Dr Logans research, investigate the cause of the breach and make it out alive. But is everything as it seems…

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