Silver Mountain Experience Ponterwyd SY23 3AB Aberystwyth

Set in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains, just outside Aberystwyth, is a Halloween event that will deliver you a night of terror, thrills, and laughter. Join us from this October, as we unleash Terror Mountain, an offering of 4 LIVE ACTION HORROR ATTRACTIONS, scary entertainment and much more. We’ve got a real treat for ‘victims’ in 2018, as we have created 3 brand new nightmares for you to face! We bring your deepest and darkest fears to life, in terrifyingly convincing, highly themed experiences. Set in a genuine Victorian mine, we hold the key to your night of thrills, fun and screams! We can’t be called Terror Mountain without backing up the claim. So, what can you expect from our attractions? Well, let us break it down for you;


Congratulations! You have been invited to attend the unveiling ceremony of our brand-new exhibition at the Ponterwyd Museum of Curiosities. Come and marvel at our acquisitions, enjoy a variety of our other oddities and gawp at our exciting collection. The centrepiece for this brand-new showcase is an ancient Relic, which dates back 100’s of years. However, don’t touch the artefacts, the curator is very protective…


“It would be fun” they said. I’d been on a Paranormal Investigation at The Silver Mountain Experience in the summer, and I felt something, something not quite right then. Whoever thought doing a Ouija board was a good idea… Surely, you’ve seen those dodgy films? Surely no one wants to mess around with what they don’t know? No one believes me, but I can feel ‘her’ inside me, clawing at my thoughts, turning the light to dark. The doctors think I’m crazy, my friends and family agree. They plan to do it again, but don’t go, I beg you…


Foolish mortals…
You believe that you are a good person, an un-tainted soul, but we can smell your sins, we feed on your impurities and relish in your unkind actions. Humans are a disease, and one that shall be purged. The inferno shall rise again and scourge those who continue to act in their disgusting manner, with your actions being weighted in both their good and bad. Join us, as you descend into the depths of the great inferno, where you will come face to face with some of our most nightmarish creatures known to this world, and we’ll show you what hell really looks like!


Strange happenings have been reported to authorities for months now, and the situation has now reached media attention. The secretive organisation U.T.U.R (Unknown Threat Response Unit) have been dispatched to the site, and they request civilians to join the investigation to discover the truth behind these mysterious happenings. Strange lights, odd noises, phone interference, missing persons and more have all led to this point in the investigation. The present nature of what we are dealing with is currently unknown…

As well as these 4 LIVE ACTION HORROR ATTRACTIONS, we’ve got some delicious food on offer, as well as some terrifyingly funny characters roaming around to make sure you are having a good time… or else! Running on selected nights from the 19th – 31st October 2018, Terror Mountain is a great night out for friends, for family, for a date (if you’re into scaring your date silly of course) or an office outing. Don’t miss out, grab your tickets online at, and save 20%!

Due to the terrifying nature of Terror Mountain, it isn’t recommended for the under 12’s. If you’re looking or something else to do with the younger ones this Halloween, we are also running a spooky Half Term Halloween event at The Silver Mountain Experience, where we host Terror Mountain. You can find out more at