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Contained Liverpool Scare Attraction


After the huge success In October 2017, Contained Liverpool returns to Aintree this October with its brand-new event ‘Demonic Descension’. The theme for this year’s truly terrifying event will focus on all things demonic, including a scene involving a LIVE séance with a real Ouija board in an attempt to summon the darkest of demons!

​If you were fortunate enough to survive their last sell out event ‘Chamber Of Terror’, which was nominated ‘Best New UK scare attraction 2017’ by international Scare attraction review site ScareTOUR, you are in for a treat this Halloween season! Contained Liverpool have harnessed your screams and powered up their demons to give you a much more intense experience this October.

Contained Liverpool has completely revamped the event, with brand new scenes and characters, but that’s not all! This year the Live action horror maze has gained FIVE extra rooms, making the event bigger and better than before.

This interactive theatre experience will immerse audience members into a thrilling 30-minute-long journey through 16 horror themed rooms. If you are brave enough to visit, you will encounter Demonic creatures who will do anything to take your soul as you witness terrifying scenes unfold before your eyes.

Creative Director of the hugely popular event, Sean Porter told us “This year, we have added a brand-new twist to our concept, by adding elements of escape room style interactivity in some of our scenes. We have never heard of a scare attraction doing this within a horror maze before, so I think this will really make us stand out from the crowd and leave our audience members pumped with adrenaline as they try to solve puzzles whilst being scared by our monsters! We have also added some twists along the way and audience members will be forced to make difficult decisions, such as sacrificing their friends to secure their own safety!”

​Contained Liverpool have also created an outdoor pop-up refreshments area were visitors to their October event will be able to grab a bite to eat and a beer to calm their nerves after they exit the horror maze.

​​Please note:

This event is not for the faint hearted, you may encounter scenes and creatures that some audience members may find distressing, including an escape room scene involving Live bugs and critters. There are elements of the maze in which you will be required to crawl on your hands and knees and be placed into tight spaces (please let our event staff know before entering the maze if you wish to skip this route). There are sections of the maze where you will be separated from your group, and you will not re-unite with your group until you exit the maze… if you survive it of course!

Our Monsters may at times touch you, but remember, you MUST NOT touch them!

​You will encounter the use of flashing lights, non-toxic smoke effects and loud noises ins. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

​This event is recommended for persons aged 15+ ONLY

Any person under the age of 18 years MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult inside the maze.

Tickets are limited and on Sale Now! Tickets can be booked by visiting our website: or by calling the TicketQuarter Box Office on: 0344 800 0410

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