7th season, 7 attractions, 7 Deadly Sins…

Multi-award winning Top Rated UK Scream Park Scare Kingdom Scream Park has officially launched it’s 2015 Halloween season, promising guests a thrilling seven attractions to celebrate their seventh season of scare.

Fresh off the back of two major award wins, the park, which was recently awarded Best Halloween Attraction/Multi Event Attraction at the industry wide Scar Awards, hopes to continue it’s stellar run with another sell-out season of screams in Lancashire. The flagship event sees guests put through their paces throughout October with seven brand new terror attractions inspired by the 7 deadly sins, pride, envy, sloth, greed, wrath, gluttony and lust.


Jason Karl, Chief Creative Executive for Scare Kingdom Scream Park, said “Every year we unleash new attractions that play into different fears and this year we’re letting demons free within the park to offer guests something completely different to our previous offerings. Eschaton, The Minister of Fear, has a manifesto to destroy to humanity and ‘fear’ is his weapon – our 7 attractions represent the 7 sins and only the bravest shall survive!”

The park have teased at the storyline they promise will thrill visitors this October with the release of the parks official trailer. Showing the parks previous icon characters meeting with the star of this year’s show, Eschaton, viewers are given the chance to get a glimpse of him before gates open this October.

This years offerings will take guests on a unique Halloween journey…

Infiltrate The Sanctum for an appointment with Eschaton, and a Scare Kingdom Scream Park style welcome to the park.  Brace yourself as you stand in the noxious darkness, where The Minister of Fear takes PRIDE in manipulating you like a puppet on a string.

Break into The Hole for an unauthorised urban exploration inside the abandoned Morigate Gaol.

Follow in the footsteps of an intrepid lost explorer, as you navigate through the winding corridors of the old forbidden jailhouse.  But be on guard, as the condemned continue to linger in the forgotten cells, fuelled by ENVY, they seek vengeance for their incarceration, which stretches beyond the grave…

The house that should never have been built, and won’t stay dead, is alive once again.  Say your prayers in the priory of St Belphegor, a religious sect housed in the old Haxenghast mansion, where the sinister sisters are paying penance for their earthly sins.

Forgetting the commandments of their God, and wrapped up in SLOTH, the recalcitrant incumbents invite you to join their secret mass, trapped in an insidious monastic nightmare.

“For Satan finds some mischief still, for idle hands to do…”

Deep in Captain Vernort’s mind, is a mysterious cabinet of curiosities.  An obscure collection of the strange and the sinister, the secret treasures of an obsessive menagerist; but what appears to be a curiosity, a spectacle of wonders, conceals a darker, more malign intent.

Will you admire the legacy of the Captain’s GREED or will he have you running like clockwork?

Fall from grace into the demon’s lair.  Witness an orgy of devilish decadence; watch the live birth of Satan’s spawn; smell the rotten stench of Glutton, and face the WRATH of Satan himself, as you descend into a bloody and sickening journey into hell.

Hell really is on Earth…

After a calculated nuclear explosion, you have been exposed to a high level of radioactivity.

Incarceration in GLUTTONY Corp’s testing facility is mandatory, in which you will undergo an intensive scientific evaluation.  You must prove that you are unaffected; which will entitle you to a position in society’s alternative future.

Will you escape?

Since 1913 the Psychomanteum clinic, led by the twisted Doctor Killian Goodkind, has purified the depraved with its unique treatments.

Reconcile your sins, your LUST, your depravity, and gain absolution through the Sacrament of Penance…

The UK’s sickest attraction, a psychosexual full-contact scare experience, returns for 2015.

Psychomanteum admits in-patients aged 18+ only. Additional charge applies.

Psychomanteum: Full Confession
, a personal, sensory-deprived psychosexual scare entertainment experience. Now infamous for it’s boundary pushing content, the optional seventh attraction is not for the faint hearted.

Additional to the attractions, the park boasts Queenie and Gigglemaw, the pestilent progenitor and sinister clown that wander the park, weaving between the attractions and the guests, in search of fresh meat. The fully licenced Brouhaha Bar, offers the perfect place to recover and pick up a souvenir, where refreshments, framed photos and key-rings are available.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park is located at Hawkshaw Farm Park, the home of Mrs. Dowson’s Ice Cream, minutes from the M6 junction 31 on the A59 near Preston and Blackburn in Lancashire, UK.

Open on selected nights between October 3rd and November 7th inclusive.  Visit www.scarekingdom.com