Psychotel are launching a brand new 60 minute extreme ‘heart-pounding’ attraction in Wrexham town centre! The 18+ attraction looks set to build on the successful Psychotel brand. Opening in May 2014, the attraction is set to feature extreme scares, simulated torture and more!


Welcome to Psychotel. One of the most extreme horror experiences in Europe that’s been described as one of the sickest, scariest and most innovative attractions this country has ever seen.

After the success of the UK’s first overnight scare hotel in 2013 the team have created an all-new nightmare. Introducing Psychotel: Asylum, a heart-pounding, extreme, 60 minute experience opening in May in the heart of Wrexham town center for brave souls aged 18+.

Psychotel: Asylum continues on from the events of last year’s Halloween event. After the happenings inside the Chester hotel were discovered it was immediately shut down and manager Richard Underwood was moved to the Wrexham based asylum along with some of the staff and guests who he kept locked in the basement.

There will be more sensory deprivation, extreme scares and simulated torture and previous visitors will notice the return of some familiar faces, alongside several terrifying new ones. All guests must sign a waiver before entering and will also be given a safe word to end the experience early if it becomes too much for them.

Like last time, there are only a limited number of spaces so guests who want to experience what the Asylum has in store should book as far in advance as they can to guarantee a place.

Psychotel: Asylum is open 23rd-25th May in Wrexham town centre. For more information on dates, prices and how to book visit