Primrose Unknown Projects, the team behind Woolley Edge October Screams Farm and the infamous ‘Caine – Who Am I?’ return for the 2014 Halloween Season with The Barn, The Pit and EVAC.


The Barn (Woolley Edge October Screams Farm)
What you may know as a destination for family entertainment, actually holds a much darker history.  Local research into the area’s history has shown that in 1613, local farmer Benjamin Saunders and his family were accused of slaughtering local farm animals… and residents, in the most brutal and inhumane manner.  They were quickly evicted from their farm (which stood half a mile away from where Beacon Hill now stands) but as there was no jail to place the prisoners, they were contained in a nearby barn and resorted to insestious relationships with each other to ensure family members never died out spurred on by the fact that the local community came together to make sure the family never escaped.    This tradition continued through generations of locals – and a safe-house was even erected for the “jail keepers” to reside in, as they kept guard of the local prisoners – through donations from anonymous sources. Nothing good lasts for ever, and the funding soon dried up.  Amongst private local meetings it was decided, that in 2014, the family should be let out…

Now, in 2014, the barn is masked by standing on a fully operating farm.  However, there are still areas of the barn that haven’t been explored for decades and dark shadows have been seen in the fields of the farm…

Local funding is needed to secure the future of this farm to try and find out how many people are still left in the building.  Locals state that over the last few months, the family have now grown to be friendly, normal and ready for the outside world.

They do need your help to make sure every inch of the barn is searched.

The Pit (Woolley Edge October Screams Farm)
After the uprising of the Family last October most members where contained and locked back in the Barn, they were put under a severe rehabilitation program to help them become safe to be released into society at a later date. Over time they all began to show signs of being ready for another release date to be announced, part of this process were to let a few members out into the farm to work and become accustomed to normal outside life. These visits were fine until just after Easter when 4 members never returned back to the Barn one night. A search party was issued and to whole farm was put on shutdown, after weeks of following trails and false trails the Family members were pinned down to small redundant Pit. We have now managed to secure the area and will be starting investigating the dark abyss soon.

 It is for you to enter the Pit and try and find the missing escaped family group. Due to the age of the hole and the unknown stability of toxic substances inside we have made the decision that everyone who enters the Pit will have their head covered for your safety. It is known the old guide rope is still connected so you will have this to guide you through, apart from that you will have to trust your other instincts on your trip into THE PIT.

EVAC (National Emergency Services Museum)
Sheffields only live action horror maze.

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