Billed as the ‘The UK’s first Valentines scare attraction’, L’a Mortis, located at the award winning Scare Kingdom scream park is the latest chapter of the atmosFEAR scare attraction story.

Vampires from fact & fiction were said to be roaming the award winning ‘Manormortis’ and it’s impressive ’24 haunted environments’ for this valentines spectacle.

Having visited Manormortis in the Halloween of 2013, we were eager to find out if and how the atmosFEAR team were going to spice things up.

After being greeted by a seemingly ‘seductive’ lady in vampire form, we were led to the entrance of L’aMortis where the impressive ‘Professor Van Helsing’ made his memorable entrance. We were warned of the dangerous creatures that inhabited Manormortis before being taken through to the initial scene.

Professor Helsing proceeded to explain that we’d be braving the attraction in couples with just a candle (in LED form) to help us navigate. This was an obvious, yet genius move to increase the intensity of the already impressive Manormortis! Safety in numbers was clearly not an option for the other terrified customers!

Being the first couple sent through the excellently thought out ‘fireplace’ entrance, we were slightly taken aback by the fact that the attraction was set in complete darkness!

With the clear instructions from Van Helsing to ‘NOT DROP THE CANDLE’ repeating in my mind, I proceeded to drop the candle on the first encounter we had with one of the many horrifying ‘vampires’.

Luckily, the actor allowed me to pick the candle back up without too much fuss.

As we continued around what seemed to be an ever lasting maze or terror, we were repeatedly shocked by the 10’s of actors inside.

With a number of mazes, it’s quite easy to predict where and when an actor will make an appearance to get the best fright out of you. With L’aMortis being almost pitch black, it was impossible to tell!

There are several scenes within Manormortis worthy of a notable mention, however, the one that always seems to stick in my mind is the wardrobe scene. On this occasion we were startled by the crazed female actor that was encouraging us to walk through the wardrobe towards her. This was a sheer diversion tactic to keep us occupied as we were unaware of the horrific vampire that made a lunge at us through the clothing hung along each side of the walkway! An excellently planned scare which really caught us out!

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally reached the end of L’aMortis! The suspense and sheer intensity of the experience left us pretty relieved to have completed it.

The brilliantly designed Manormortis seemed to be even longer with it now being cast in darkness. The only downside of which was that the finer details of the production could not be admired on the way through. We had a similar feeling after being unable to truly see the costumes, makeup and general aesthetics of the actors in much detail.

In general, L’aMortis was quite superb! The intuitive layout of Manormortis was really put to use with a large number of extreme scares! In plunging the set into darkness and sending customers through in groups of two, L’aMortis has arguably positioned itself as one of the most intense scare attractions in the UK!

We would have possibly liked to seen more emphasis on the narrative throughout the attraction but that didn’t impact on the overall experience too much.

Going forward, L’aMortis really has set a great precedent for future valentines attractions. With the industry growing year on year, I can only anticipate the demand for such events to grow and L’aMortis will take pride in being the first!