MARGATE is THE place to be this Halloween!

Hellgate Winter Gardens — the 2014 sell-out Halloween horror attraction — returns to Margate Winter Gardens for its second engagement from Tuesday 27th – Saturday 31st October 2015 and promises to be bigger and scarier!!! Early bird tickets are on sale for all Hellgate Winter Gardens dates now.

“I am thrilled to be bringing our sell-out scare attraction back to Margate for its second year,” says Paul Palmer, Entertainments Manager. “After last year’s overwhelming response to our Zombie Apocalypse event we’ve decided to return with a completely new and immersive sets of scares. We have a completely different layout this year, offering a full evening of terror with not one but THREE story based thrillers!”

Hellgate Winter Gardens 2015 will feature three new fully immersive attractions which start where last years Zombie Apocalypse event left off. It’s NOT OVER!

The attractions are:



It is one year on and the authorities claim the Typhon virus has been contained. With regular screening now the norm, people have learnt to live with this new way of life, however recent testing has found some strange anomalies….!!!! Has the virus returned…. Could it have mutated…… Do you have what it takes to escape the zombie hoard?

Scare rating 8


Dead Meat

Since the containment of the virus, there have been a number of companies investigating the effects on living tissue. There could be large windfalls for a company who can attract the interest from defence budgets and pharmaceutical giants. With governments resources stretched, who is keeping an ethical eye on these companies? You have been tasked to visit one of these facilities and report back your findings. Make sure you keep your wits about you, previous visitors have gone missing!

Scare rating 9.5


Buried Alive

As it became more and more difficult to dispose of the Zombies, many hundreds have been rounded up and buried into pits. These Zombies, in the absence of human flesh turn on each other but occasionally they resurface only to be more virulent and desperate for human flesh than ever before. The government has therefore decreed that for the greater good, humans must be added to the pit, as food, to placate the Zombies. If you are randomly selected as a ‘food-drop’, the outcome is almost certain death, although some brave souls have been known to find an escape route… Will you have what it takes?!

Scare rating 8.5

*This scare involves confined spaces where you will need to crawl.


Bloody Boulevard

Scare Fair Stalls, Trick or Treat Street Theatre, roaming characters, themed food and beverages, games and vendors each night plus the new Laser Zombie Run Zone.

The fully immersive experience at Hellgate will also include the all-new Bloody Boulevard with Scare Fair Stalls, Trick or Treat Street Theatre, roaming characters, themed food and beverages, games and vendors each night plus the new Laser Zombie Run Zone.

Hellgate producer Paul Palmer says: “Given the tremendous support we received last year, we are extremely excited to be back. Last year was just a taste of what’s in store. This year will be Bigger, Badder and Bloodier! We can’t wait to be a part of what is certain to be a HUGE Halloween for Margate with our all new Hellgate event plus Dreamland, Old Town Zombie Walk & Tudor House all hosting events this October. Margate will be the scare destination of the South East with something for everyone.”

Tickets for Hellgate are on sale now with a limited time period Early Bird booking special rate (book before 14th September). The three price tiers will enable the whole family to visit, for those who don’t want to do the scary attractions a Venue Pass will enable you to come and enjoy the street theatre and fair stalls. For hardcore scare fans the VIP pass gives you priority queue jump and unlimited visits to the scare attractions. VIP passes are limited so be quick.


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Tickets are available online at or by calling the box office on 01843 292795.