After hearing rumours about the previous attraction ‘Caine’ and some of the paranormal incidents that had occurred, we arrived at the ‘National Emergency Museum’ for Evac not really knowing what to expect.

Sarah, co-owner of Primrose Unknown Projects (the team behind Evac), gave us a warm welcome before leading us into a waiting area along with one or two other guests who also got talking about the paranormal occurrences that were supposed to have happened throughout the operation of ‘Caine’.

Soon after, it was our turn to experience Evac as we were taken into one of the old prison cells for our introductory talk.

The back story behind Evac was well thought out and excellently presented by Sarah who was keen for us to understand the context of the attraction.

The prison cell itself was bitterly cold and sent shivers down our spine the second we walked in.

There was certainly something unique and potentially sinister about the building…

After a few health and safety briefs, it was our turn to Evac!

We turned out of the prison cell and entered a corridor where the mayhem and terror ensued as we were frantically stalked by one of the ‘creatures’.

From this point onwards, we were immersed into probably one of the most frightening and intense scare experiences we had visited this year.

We found ourselves weaving up bowed stairs, being sent through old fire trucks and even had our legs grabbed from places you wouldn’t ever expect.

The combination of terrific acting along with such an authentic location made for an exhilarating and at times, overwhelming experience.

Evac wasn’t a typical ‘hands on shoulders and follow the path’ type of scare attraction, it was something completely unique.

There were no gimmicky special effects, just a few well placed lights, some audio and an excellent set of dedicated actors who were on form throughout.

As we were in a group of just 2, the actors had a lot more time to spend terrifying us and improvising with each of their scares.

Each of the rooms in the museum really took our attention away from the actor positions which made each scare more intense. We really didn’t expect or notice where it was the actors were coming from.

Another unique feature of Evac was how ‘hands on’ the actors were. We were literally grabbed, pushed and even possibly scratched as we tried our best to escape. Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we found it added to the intensity and realism of the experience.

Notable scenes included the upstairs room where we were confronted by 2 or 3 horrifying creatures and also the final scene where we were physically mauled by what seemed like a horde of terrifying un dead beings.

Each and every one of the actors deserves a special mention, the Primrose team have certainly found a talented and motivated bunch that would be an asset to any scare attraction.

The makeup and use of contact lenses was also superb!

Overall, we were mightily impressed with Evac which was a breath of fresh air to the UK scare industry. The overall experience was highly immersive, extremely scary and there was just something about that buidling! The Primrose team have created one of the most unique scare experiences we’ve visited this year and we seriously can’t wait to see what they have planned next year for the National Emergency Services Museum. We must encourage all adrenaline junkies and scare addicts to get up/down to Sheffield next year and experience what the team have to offer, you really won’t be disappointed. Well done!