Staffordshire Living have leaked news about this years Alton Towers Scarefest 2014 attraction lineup with The Sanctuary (with a terrifying twist), Terror of the Towers and ‘Scary Tales Book’ said to be the three main attractions for this years festivities.


Taken from the Staffordshire Living website:

Returning for 2014 is The Sanctuary which will open its doors for appointments to offer its patients a refreshing check up, but a terrifying twist awaits. The old, frightening favourite, Terror of the Towers will once again reveal its dark and horrifying secret. Will you make it to THE END of the Scary Tales book, where stories are re-written to make nightmares come true, and the only character missing…is you? If this isn’t thrilling enough, the park will be open until 9pm allowing guests to experience Alton Towers Resort’s famous rides and attractions in the dark.

Will the Scary Tales Book be a fitting replacement for the Carnival of Screams?

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