A first of its kind experience for this Halloween season, AFTERLIFE brings spine-tingling terror directly to you in this interactive, immersive and intimate horror experience.
Sometimes, you want a smaller gathering for Halloween and the winter months. Sometimes, you might just want to watch a horror movie a horror movie and stay in.

Now you can take it one step further. You can bring the fear to your doorstep… and invite it in.

From the acclaimed creators of London’s leading portable immersive escape game experience, AFTERMATH, comes:


– Edward Ward-Smythe, October 2003; shortly before his death….

Almost sixty-five years ago, the mysterious death of Susan Jenkins gripped the press. In death, she became a figure of mystery and tragedy – a legend that refuses to die in the Afterlife.



When her widow, Nelson Jenkins, was later found mysteriously dead with several sealed boxes alongside his body, Susan’s mother, Eileen Miller, took control of his estate. It is said she locked away these boxes inside a cursed brown leather bag, either protecting or trapping the late Susan’s soul. Allegedly, Susan’s spirit is rumoured to be trapped inside these artifacts forever.

Despite never opening the bag, many have claimed to have contacted Susan. Mediums, psychics and even C-List TV celebrities, such as the late Edward Ward-Smythe, have all claimed to have spoken to her. Some have even died in mysterious circumstances after these alleged contacts. All of this has given rise to the legend of THE MILLER CURSE.

Now, it’s time to start again. But this time, it will be different.

Dr. Skepter is putting together the first professional, scientific and legitimate investigation of The Miller Curse. His Ministerial Institute of Paranormal Studies is looking for a team to join his quest – a selection of random individuals from all walks of life to support this ground-breaking event.


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All he needs is a neutral location chosen by you.

Is there a curse? Does Susan Miller really reach out from beyond the grave? Will your team prove, once and for all, that there is… an Afterlife?


Suitable for groups between 3-10 aged 15+, AFTERLIFE is a uniquely unnerving event where the paranormal is brought to a space of your choice.
Maybe it’s that dark, quiet pub room. Maybe it’s your office out of hours. Maybe it’s your own living room.

In the spirit of GhostWatch, Poltergeist and The Exorcist, comes a unique and bespoke paranormal investigation experience where you and Dr Skepter race to solve the mystery of The Miller Curse, as the terror grows around you…

With three levels of fear to choose from, dare you invite

The Miller Curse into a room of your choice?

Running from now to March 31st 2019, AFTERLIFE is set to be the Halloween event of 2018. This winter, Afterlife is your chance to undertake the UK’s very first portable horror experience that comes to you!


1st September 2018 – 31st March 2019


All across London (with the rest of the UK and EU on request).

Admission & Booking:




3-8 people, £275

9 people, £295

10 people £315

More information: